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Hueck MakMax Egypt,
one of the largest
aluminum systems
companies in Egypt, has
deserved reputation
throughout Egypt and the
Middle East for producing
premium quality
aluminum systems.
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Facade 1.0 VF 50 RR:
The transom-transom variant.

Compatible and additional to the
system VF 50, Hueck/Hartmann
developed an innovative facade
concept with the VF
50-transom-transom construction.
HME with cooperation
of TMC has finished
the Two canopy
sections each one
consist of three cone
structure oriented in
straight line
HME finished Gate 54 Toll Station -
Alexandria Port
Alexandria, Egypt - 16/12/2006
HME has finished the
Rehabilitation of the
old building of
Maritime Passenger
Terminal with a total
area 2500 to serve
2000 passenger per
HME finished Maritime Passenger
Terminal - Alexandria Port
Alexandria, Egypt - 15/07/2006
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